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How long will it take?
Two Project Phases
The average renovation can be divided into two primary phases, the design phase, and the construction phase. Failure to allot adequate time to the design phase can result in more time being added during the construction phase, when it can be more expensive and troublesome.

To get the best results from your renovation, you should plan out the design to a very detailed level before breaking ground on construction. You may still have to change the design around problems or technical issues uncovered during construction, however.

This timeline assumes that you are hiring building professionals to do much or all of the work. If you are planning to do some of the work yourself, you may have a continuous, intermingled design and construction phase. In that case the situation becomes much more complicated, and in most cases some sections of the project will still have to be fully designed before construction can begin on those sections, particularly when they involve bringing in engineers to help with certain technical aspects of the project.

Breathing Room
In most cases, you should plan on a cushion of time or delay between the end of the design phase and the beginning of the construction phase. This could be as little as a few weeks, or as long as two months. Again, this will depend on many factors including your relationship with your construction manager, your financing situation, the size of the project, how well the schedule has been planned out in advance, permitting and related issues, etc.
Construction Timeline
The construction phase will vary with the size and complexity of the project, and can be extended by difficulties uncovered during construction, by indecision, or by change orders. Most projects will last from two months to one year.
Here are some general guidelines:
  Kitchen renovation: Two to six months (many are three to four)
  Bathroom renovation: Two weeks to four months
  Partial overall renovation including kitchen and partial bath, with some other areas: Two to eight
Total renovation: Four months to over one year
  Addition as part of the renovation: Three months to over one year