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A few lessons from our customers

  We rely on our customers’ feedback to improve our products, services, and to help other customers make smart decisions. When looking back at the financial decisions our customers have made, these are the few things that rose to the top of the “buyer’s remorse” list.

1. Customers wish they'd hired a professional Architectural Designer to visit the home and measure the space. This small investment will help you save considerably in the future. 

2. Customers also wished they'd selected or replaced their aged appliances before they finalized their plans, selected their cabinetry and completed their project.

3. Finally, customers wished they'd evaluated their list of “wants & needs” more thoroughly. While they selected the projects materials, the cabinets and enhancements that they needed in the room, they realize they should have budgeted for one or two more “wants” to give the room that personal touch.  This is an investment you may live with for years.  You don’t want to look back and say, “I wish I would have…”

  Always remember, your renovation is an investment - not just in time and money, but your homes value, and in the future. You'll be the one living and working in the space, so make sure that you find the right balance between saving on costs and getting the full functionality you expect from your home project.